Exhibition for 2013

In the two weeks before the event there will be some work in the gallery at Canolfan Byd Bychan

An exhibition of visual, text-based and documentary work related to Untitled: Holy Hiatus from Maura Hazelden and Lou Laurens.

Maura reviews a broad range of work exploring the liminal, memory and surface.
From order to evanescence: solid to vapour: experience to memory; what separates one thing from another?

Arddangosfa o waith gweledol, testunol a dogfennol yn gysylltiedig â 'untitled: holy hiatus' gan Maura Hazelden a Lou Laurens.

Mae Maura yn bwrw golwg nôl dros rychwant eang o waith sy'n archwillio'r ymylon, y cof, ac arwynebedd. O'r trefnus i'r diflannol; o sylwedd i anwedd; profiad i atgof; beth sy'n gwahanu un peth oddi wrth y llai?


LINK to opening hours on Whatever the Weather website

now up until at least 25th May


  1. "Punlic opening times" ? (@ the linked site)

  2. opening hours 10.00 - 16.00 Tuesday - Friday from 7th May - 22nd

  3. oh and yes - punlic - keep forgetting to tell them....