Last year I did the 6 hour work without Lou. My health was not good. I decided to take in my laptop - with only access to write - no times visible, in case I wanted to write as I was there.
the result can be found by following THIS LINK
There was a projection in the space - the overlaying of black & white cctv footage from 2008 and 2012
In not in here not here.
Feet object to use. I see much of myself on video preparing for the first time. Bill, Ann – Ann also on the overlay of last year – Liz vacuuming. Lou, even Lou, spreading the words over the floor.
No one came in with the bell – the recording of sound is a few minutes ahead of time today and the video far behind. The voice rings out – I get distracted wondering if they have put thyme on the pebbles that arrived in the nick of time.
I have put a bee out of the window, not a bumble not a honey some other bee. The window is now closed.

I see me in close canon 2008 2012 feet almost planted all together.

THIS IS A LINK TO SPOKEN WORD VERSION - I use the airing cupboard as a recording studio but the bats are now a bit noisy and their scamper & chatter can be heard


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