As with last year there are challenges to be met, there are differences that have to be faced and worked through, for both Maura and Lou.
A quote from last year:

"Their physical ability to perform in the event is likely to be limited and changed. Both artists feel that this in itself raises interesting questions about performance and ritual, questions which were inevitable in mounting such an ambitious project, such as: are we participants in the event or performers? Are the audience participants in this ritual? When we celebrate our daily and annual rituals what remains the same and what changes, and how much are the changes the way we remember? ‘Oh that was the Christmas that we had to…. because of such and such…’"

All are welcome to come and spend time in the space - as ever there will be a limit to how many people can be present at any one time, usually this causes no problem.
You might want to bring a cushion...there are chairs.
More details in previous posts

untitled holy hiatus waiting
The artists are dedicating this year’s event to the memory of John Sharkey in gratitude for his friendship, and his particular contribution to untitled: holy hiatus.

Eleni mae’r artistiaid yn cyflwyno’r digwyddiad er cof am John Sharkey i ddiolch am ei gyfeillgarwch, ac yn arbennig am ei gyfraniad i untitled: holy hiatus.

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